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About: Peloton Interactive, a boutique fitness company, was founded by John Foley. Foley, a father, and husband, found little time to squeeze exercise into his day. He came up with the idea to bring studio-grade fitness classes to an individual's home. After eight years, Peloton went public to capture the in-home fitness market.




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Although Peloton had many internal recruiters, the recruiting demand was high, and Senior Management was greatly needed. Embedded in Peloton’s culture, Zenture would be able to represent the company beyond a job description. “The company had pivoted and found the sweet spot where they were going to have significant growth,” said Zenture’s CEO and Founder, Reuben Roth. Now Peloton needed influential leaders who understood SaaS enterprise business and could increase the company’s execution capabilities.


Once aligned on the culture and representation of Peloton, Zenture began filling Senior Management roles which had been unfulfilled for years prior.

The following positions have been hired

  1. Senior Engineering Manager - Developer Tools

  2. Staff Engineer - Production

  3. Senior Build & Integration Engineer

  4. Site Reliability Engineer (2x)

  5. Senior Software Engineer - Machine Learning

  6. Engineering Manager - Acquisition

  7. Senior Engineering Manager - Android

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