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About: Packet's mission is to make infrastructure your competitive advantage by fully automating bare-metal that can be deployed anywhere. Equinix, the world's largest data center provider, acquired Packet in early 2020 to compete with the three mega-giant cloud providers; AWS, GCP, and Azure. Packet understood the need to build a world-class Billings and Integration Team with access to over 200 of Equinix's data centers. From there, we set out on a mission to find the world's top Billing and Metering architects to design a system for scale.




offer acceptance

100% Offer



44% Hires


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There was a huge opportunity to scale Packet's technology with Equinix's data centers immediately. Our strategy was simple - to hire the world's best talent. 


Packet continues to expand rapidly into new markets and territories. They are widely respected as the enterprise platform of choice to Automate Bare Metal Infrastructure and are poised for even greater success after the Equinix acquisition.

The following positions were hired in two months

  1. Senior Staff Engineer - Billings

  2. Staff Engineer - Billings

  3. Senior Engineering Manager - Billings

  4. Senior Solutions Architect

  5. Senior Site Reliability Engineer

  6. Senior OS + HW Engineer

  7. OS + HW Engineer

  8. Senior Frontend Engineer

  9. Site Reliability Engineer

In addition we’ve achieved

  • 100% Offer -> Acceptance Rate

  • Scorecard build-out and alignment

  • Interview Training

  • Inclusive Job Descriptions

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