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About: Codecov is the leading, dedicated code coverage company. The company began as an open-source tool for developers to test the quality of their code. As the user base organically grew, monetization was only a matter of time. CodeCov would need a Technical Solutions Architect to help build custom solutions for its enterprise customers.




offer acceptance

88% Offer



40% Hires


codecov conference


We began with a quick recruitment audit to understand the current hiring process. From there, we defined the role's Mission, Outcomes, and Competencies that would make this hire successful.


Zenture created a long-term professional relationship with CodeCov and continues to help them build their executive and engineering teams. As of 2020, CodeCov continues to be one of the world’s leading code coverage stories, having retained all their hires after two years. Throughout the past three years, Zenture has provided feedback for interviewers to improve candidate experience and inclusivity with a 100% success rate for any engaged search.

The following positions are a sample of what were hired

  1. Solutions Architect (Presales & Postsales)

  2. Founding Data Engineer

  3. Product Manager - Developer Tools

  4. Product Designer - Developer Tools

  5. Lead Security Engineer

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