• Reuben Roth

Agency Recruiting

The world of agency recruiting is extremely competitive and cut throat for both sides: the candidate and the recruiter.

There are many different structures that agency recruiting follows.

I’ve illustrated a general flow here:

Basic Agency Recruiting Overview

Let’s give a brief overview of recruiting — with the Recruiter (Jack) in the middle.

First, Jack will engage with candidates through various means (Email, Github, LinkedIn, etc.). Second, Jack will connect with the respondents to gain an understanding of their experience + ambitions. Third, Jack will match candidates with companies for potential fits.

Now let’s look at a very simple cycle from a candidate’s perspective:

First, the candidate will engage with recruiter(s) based upon responses to Email Drip Campaigns, Cold Calls, Referrals, LinkedIn, etc. Second, the candidate will work with the recruiter to find a potential match at one of the companies the recruiter’s firm represents.

Now that we have an overview, let’s dive into a few pros and cons.

Expedited Hires — When you onboard an external agency, you’ll receive more candidates than you would without, which should result in faster hires.

Increased Brand Marketability — Recruitment companies will pitch your brand to candidates that may not know your company exists or is hiring.

Quality Control — Usually, companies expect higher quality when paying for a service.

Outreach — Agencies have established relationships with passive/active candidates.

Costly — Each hire may cost 20–30% of their first year salary, costs can add up.

Time — It may take a few weeks to onboard an agency before seeing candidate flow.

Manage — A substantial amount of time may be involved in managing relationships between the agency and the company.

Culture Fit — It may be challenging for companies to find the right agency to represent their brand.

Agency recruiting allows an avenue for candidates to discover what’s available in the market and for companies to outsource their recruitment needs.

I know that most people reading this will have their own opinions on agency recruiting. I welcome all comments. Thanks for reading!