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Executive Search

Only The Best

Disruptive technology companies must hire at the executive level in order to achieve crucial business and growth milestones. We’ve pioneered a robust and thoughtful approach to getting the world’s most seasoned leaders interested. For better or worse, we believe each company that we engage with deserves the best talent available in a reasonable timeline, regardless of the company’s stage. 


Our executive search team ensures key organizational members are aligned and have clarity on the problem we’re looking to hire for. From there, we conduct a talent map on the market before forming a strategic plan of execution. All recruitment activity will be reviewed before conducted for clarity and optimal performance. 

Trusted Advisor

Our materials and approach is adaptable as every client is different and every story is unique. 


Teamwork to identify and hire the industry's best.


Transparency around strategy, execution, and solution. 


Creative and unique solutions across all aspects of hiring. 

Trusted by social-good and tech-driven companies 

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