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Embedded Recruitment

Setting a New Recruiting Standard

When the market demands more hires than the capacity of your talent acquisition organization, we’re here to fill the gap. 


We offer Recruiters, Sourcers, and Leaders needed to satisfy your current and changing hiring needs. Our recruiters fully embed themselves into your organization, system, and culture all while gently suggesting improvements.  


We’re data driven and able to leverage the diverse experience of our entire team, and come equipped with the most effective set of tools/technologies, and market insights. 


We’re humbly proud to have recruited with some of the world’s top technology companies and are here to support your needs as well!

Dedicated and Embedded

Seamlessly integrate into a fully managed team, collaborating to raise the recruitment bar with the latest tools and proven techniques. 

Candidate Experience First

Represent your company, reduce internal recruitment debt and increase candidate experience. 

Leverage Expertise

Understand where you stands in comparison to competitors with industry-wide sights. 

Trusted by social-good and tech-driven companies 

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